What is pingback and how to disable in wordpress

In this post i will be discussing, What is pingback. Its pros and cons. and how to disable in wordpress

If you are WordPress user, and comment section is enabled for your post/Blog, then you must have seen lots of comments pending in comments section.

If you further filter the comments from drop down i.e. “All comment types” to “ping”, then you will get many many comments known as pingback comments. However most of the pingback comments (approx. 99%) are Spam. First, let me tell you what are pingback comments.


Let me explain with the help of example as it will be more easy to understand.

  • Suppose we have writen a post on our blog.
  • You have writen a post on your blog mentioning or linking to our blog post.
  • Your blog post will automatically send us a pingback.
  • Our blog post will receive the pingback. It will then automatically look into your blog post to confirm that the pingback received is valid and correct (the link is present).
  • Then we will be able to see your pingback as a comment in WordPress comment section. Which we can approve, trash etc. This will be directly linking to your site.

NOTE: Pingback is functional only if pingback feature is enabled on both the WordPress accounts.

As i have mentioned earlier pingback comments are mainly (99%) spam. So its best to disable Pingback.

How to disable Pingback.

To disable pingback follow the below steps

  1. Login your WordPress panel.
  2. In Settings >> Discussion Settings
  3. In Default article setting, uncheck “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) on new articles
  4. Click on Save changes.

This is all you need to do to disable Pingback.

Pros and cons


  1. Connect with relevant blogs
  2. Supports a healthy SEO
  3. Supports increased traffic and readers


  1. Increased Spam
  2. You will have to review and clean them up manually
  3. Most bloggers don’t even acknowledge them

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